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"OVERLAND" Paolo Russo Trio - worldwide release

May 2019

Paolo's album "Overland" has now been released worldwide by Odradek Records. Get your own copy following one of the links below. The music on the album is composed and arranged by Paolo and reflects the outer and inner journey with beautiful melodies and virtuos playing. 

"Overland represents for me a sort of manifesto, a way of exploring the world far from the convulsive and frenetic activity that increasingly characterises our everyday human condition. In a society that imposes speed, materialism and competition, I prefer to enjoy a calm, slow and reflective rhythm, which leaves more space for research, observation, contemplation and deepening..."

Paolo Russo

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artwork: Katrine Krog Russo

cover: Tommaso Tuzj

"Imaginary Soundtrack" - worldwide release

September/October 2019

We are now celebrating the 15th album release from Paolo. The album is called "Imaginary Soundtrack" all the music composed by Paolo and inspired by Italian movie soundtracks. The album is released by Odradek Records.

On Imaginary Soundtrack you can enjoy a more classical/world music compositions from Paolo’s hand.

The work features recorder, vibraphone, contrabass and bandoneon. The music finds its inspiration in the magic world of Italian film music, in the courageous attempt of presenting a soundtrack without a movie, challenging and inviting the audience to create in their mind, while listening, their own pictures, characters, scenography and dialogues.

Video: Imaginary Soundtrack • live @ Frederiksværk Musikfestival

Release Concert Copenhagen 9 October

cover & photo: Tommaso Tuzj


- live TV transmission

On the 15th of March Paolo was invited to play at the international event, P8 Jazz Alive 2019, in the Danish Radio Concert house in Copenhagen.

Paolo opened the show with an improvisation over his new piece "Ankomst" (Arrival) and continued with his unique and challenging interpretation of the jazz standard "Take Five".

Click on the picture to watch the full concert on Danish National TV where Paolo’s performance is followed by many other musicians and artists from all over the world.

"It was wonderful to be able to share the unique sound of the bandoneon and also showing new possibilities for the use the instrument in jazz and improvisation for such a large audience and at such a beautiful venue."


Click on the players below to stream the music from the latest solo bandoneon album "Songs from the Forest", released in December 2018 and the wonderful "Fellini Goes Jazz", an album dedicated to the music of the great Nino Rota. You can purchase Paolo's music directly from Bandcamp or iTunes - or by contacting us directly at info@paolorusso.com.

Songs from the Forest

This is the third release in the series of solo bandoneon albums from Paolo Russo. The first album contained jazz standards (2016); the second album (2017) featured newly composed music (including the bandoneon sheet music)

The third bandoneon solo album presents original material, melodic and “cantabile”, composed and improvised by Paolo Russo. 

The inspiration from the forest can be perceived throughout the whole album, where Paolo's atmospheric melodies and free improvisations remind the listener of the power and eternal force of nature. 

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Fellini Goes Jazz

Paolo Russo takes the listener on a journey through some of the most famous themes from Fellini's masterpieces, "Amarcord", "La Dolce Vita" and "8 e 1/2", as well as a selection of melodies from the unforgettable soundtrack of "The Godfather".

This outstanding music material is re-interpreted, re-arranged and presented by Paolo Russo and his quintet in two suites, the "Fellini Suite" and the "Godfather Suite", recorded live during the 2013 Copenhagen Jazz Festival at Jazzhus Montmartre. 

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Here you can watch more than 100 videos spanning from Paolo playing with symphony orchestra, classical trio, jazz duo - quintet, and not least his solo videos showing his technique and groundbreaking works on the bandoneon. From the intimacy of his studio to some of the most prestigious stages in the world.


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