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A journey across Italian flavours, classical tones, Nordic landscapes, free improvisations, with a distant echo of Argentinean tango

CONCERT at Paolo's Jazz Club: The Latin Syndicate DUO

17 December 2022 at 14:00

Welcome to the December concert in Paolo’s Jazz Club. We have invited the wonderful bass player Yasser Pino to Møn to play a duo concert with Paolo - melodic and sunny latin-american music to warm you up in the darkness of December.

The LATIN SYNDICATE was born in 2012, a joint venture, under the leadership of Cuban-born and Copenhagen-based bass player Yasser Pino, with world class musicians from both Cuba and Italy: Calixto Oviedo on drums, Eliel Lazo on percussion, Nico Gori on clarinet and Paolo Russo on piano and bandoneon.

During the past ten years, the band has performed across Europe and participated in the La Havana Jazz Festival in 2016, proposing a powerful and luminous combination of Italian melodic lyricism and Cuban sensual rhythms.

In Paolo’s Jazz Club we are presenting the intimate duo format of The Latin Syndicate. Here Yasser Pino and Paolo Russo will interpret the music from the successful album ”Natura”, as well as original and classical tunes from the latin-american jazz repertoire.

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NEW album release: Bandoneon solo Vol. IV - Close up

15 June 2022

On 15 June 2022 the pianist, bandoneonist and composer Paolo Russo presents his fourth release in the series of solo bandoneon albums. With "Close • up",

Paolo Russo continuus his exploration of the vast Jazz Standard tradition by presenting 12 well-known classics from "The great American songbook", completely re-arranged by himself.

On this 4th album of his bandoneon solo series, he fully unfolds his musical maturity and reveals once again his unique approach to the bandoneon in an intimate and close album, mixing evocative melodies and free improvisation, through rhythmic playing, harmonic complexity and personal touch.

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PRESS release - DANSK



- recording with Chamber Orchestra in Serbia

In November 2019 Paolo went to Novi Sad, Serbia to record his first concerto for Bandoneon and Chamber Orchestra . Click here or on the picture below to see a 3-min. promo-video, where you get an idea of the atmosphere and intensity of the concerto. A vibrant, strong and authentic expression of Paolo's musical vision and ongoing dedication to creating new original music for bandoneon.

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"My deepest appreciation goes to all those who have participated in this project, starting from the beautiful musicians of the Zrenjaninski Kamerni Orkestar, the entire audio recording crew at Studio M and the video recording crew, led by Srecko Milosavljevic. Very special thanks to the conductor, Thommy Andersson, to the executive producer, Lelo Nika, to the orchestra manager, Roman Bugar and to the assistant Katrine Krog Russo."


Click on the pictures below or visit Paolo's Bandcamp website to stream the music from his classical album "Clavicembalisti Italiani", his solo bandoneon album "Songs from the Forest", and the wonderful "Fellini Goes Jazz", an album dedicated to the music of the great Nino Rota. Please go to the Media and shop page to learn more about where to purchase Paolo's music or you are always welcome to contact us directly at info@paolorusso.com

Clavicembalisti Italiani

On this solo piano album, Paolo Russo revisits his musical roots through the beautiful works of Scarlatti, Zipoli, Galuppi, Pampani, Legati and Croce. All wonderful composers from the Baroque era writing for clavicembalo - on the album interpreted and played on piano with the unique artistic expression of Russo, which gives new life to the timeless compositions.

The album is dedicated to the memory of Rachele Marchegiani ("La Signora"), Paolo's old piano teacher 

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Songs from the Forest

This is the third release in the series of solo bandoneon albums from Paolo Russo. The first album contained jazz standards (2016); the second album (2017) featured newly composed music (including the bandoneon sheet music)

The third bandoneon solo album presents original material, melodic and “cantabile”, composed and improvised by Paolo Russo. 

The inspiration from the forest can be perceived throughout the whole album, where Paolo's atmospheric melodies and free improvisations remind the listener of the power and eternal force of nature. 

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Fellini Goes Jazz

Paolo Russo takes the listener on a journey through some of the most famous themes from Fellini's masterpieces, "Amarcord", "La Dolce Vita" and "8 e 1/2", as well as a selection of melodies from the unforgettable soundtrack of "The Godfather".

This outstanding music material is re-interpreted, re-arranged and presented by Paolo Russo and his quintet in two suites, the "Fellini Suite" and the "Godfather Suite", recorded live during the 2013 Copenhagen Jazz Festival at Jazzhus Montmartre. 

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Here you can watch more than 100 videos spanning from Paolo playing with symphony orchestra, classical trio, jazz duo - quintet, and not least his solo videos showing his technique and groundbreaking works on the bandoneon. From the intimacy of his studio to some of the most prestigious stages in the world.